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    4.1 - Guide for Architects

    4.2 - Guide for CS Engineers

    4.3 - Guide for MEP Engineers

    5.0 - Procure

    5.1 - Guide for Contractors

    6.0 - Operate


0.0 – Introduction

African challenges for BIM

As an African foundation, the BIM Institute understands that African enterprises face specific challenges that may not be shared globally. A naturally conservative business environment coupled with often poor construction and education standards across the continent can make the decision to introduce new technologies into an organisation a daunting one. The rewards of adopting BIM… read more »

NavBIM deliverables

Purpose of the BIM Navigator Tool The NavBIM portal is a platform under the BIM Institute, championing the development of an excellent built environment for Africa. This website portal has been developed to support the BIM implementation process and education standards within the African built environment. This guidance portal has been designed to: keep information… read more »

BIM in Six Stages

It is imperative that you define the roles and responsibilities of team members involved in BIM if you are to harness the full impact of BIM in your project. BIM facilitates a seamless workflow because it stores functional data across different stages of a project. With proper modelling requirements, professionals involved in the project build… read more »

How to use NavBIM

NavBIM supports the BIM implementation process within the African built environment, and supports the Building Information Modelling Guide for Africa. NavBIM: Keeps information exchange simple Aligns to the needs of the African construction sector Supports private and procuring authorities decide where BIM should be¬†implemented within projects NavBIM aligns to the following established standards: BS 1192… read more »


Professional Membership Fees Subscribed members will receive monthly access to NavBIM and includes free ongoing access to online training essentials. Any individual can register online to become a member and get full access to the NavBIM.com Membership Fees US Dollars ZAR Rands Anuual Subscription per user $200 R 3000 Company Subscription License Companies wanting to… read more »