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    4.1 - Guide for Architects

    4.2 - Guide for CS Engineers

    4.3 - Guide for MEP Engineers

    5.0 - Procure

    5.1 - Guide for Contractors

    6.0 - Operate


0.4 – Leadership


Senior leaders should guide and sustain the organization towards its BIM adoption.

  • They should develop the BIM vision and goals for the organization.
  • They should communicate, demonstrate and reinforce the vision and goals to employees and stakeholders
  • They should provide necessary resources and monitor progress of the programme.
  • The committee should be chaired by a senior leader in the organization.
  • It should involve representatives from the various levels of the organization’s structure.
  • Roles and responsibilities of each member should be defined clearly. Examples are given on the next page.


Design Director

  • Leader of the organization’s BIM Committee and adoption programme
  • Manage progress of the adoption programme
  • Provide resources for the implementation of the programme
  • Principal Architect – Key User Champion
  • Identify BIM opportunities in key business processes
  • Nominate & conduct pilot project
  • Evaluate results
  • Incorporate BIM into key business processes
  • Set up and maintain organization’s BIM Standard

Organization BIM/CAD Manager

  • Identify suitable BIM technology / software
  • Develop BIM training needs and programme
  • Key resource persons in BIM

BIM/CAD Specialists

  • Provide mentoring to project BIM teams
  • Consolidate success stories to produce good practice guides
  • Facilitate practice sharing workshop
  • Experiment and evaluate new practices, processes & technology