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    4.1 - Guide for Architects

    4.2 - Guide for CS Engineers

    4.3 - Guide for MEP Engineers

    5.0 - Procure

    5.1 - Guide for Contractors

    6.0 - Operate


BIM Execution Plan Archives - Navbim.com

6.1.2 Commissioning

Green Building Mark-up Language (GBXML) is a methodology to electronically transfer building information on completion of construction for facilities management purposes. Spreadsheets for some systems are available for download. Third-party utilities facilitate the automatic creation and transfer of some data between BIM and XML spreadsheets via Industry Foundation Class (IFC) files as an intermediate stage,… read more »

3.2 – Software compatibility

Software used for Design and Construction BIM work must be tested for compatibility by the Construction BIM Manager. The use of software that is not Industry Foundation Class (IFC) compliant to prepare models is only permitted with the approval of the client. Versioning of software must be managed by the BIM teams throughout the project… read more »

3.4 – BEP Introduction

Description The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a formal document that defines how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled with regard to BIM. A BEP is developed to provide a master information/data management plan and to assign of roles and responsibilities for model creation and data integration at project initiation. Requirements The BEP… read more »

0.3 – Planning BIM Adoption

  BIM ENHANCEMENT To embrace BIM to sharpen our green building design with digital simulation capability in order to provide value-added services to our clients for them to make sound decisions based on quantifiable simulation results. Organization could consider a few essential themes in its BIM adoption programme to provide focus for its adoption.To encourage… read more »

3.5 – A Guide for the BEP

The BIM Essential Guide for BIM Execution Plan (BEP) serves to jump start the development of a BEP for a project. The BEP provides a baseline document, approved by the Employer, to guide the project team in achieving goals set with regards to BIM deliverables throughout the project. The BEP specifies the roles and responsibilities… read more »

1.3 – Team and Data Selection

Team Selection The selection of the right team can be a key factor to a successful BIM implementation. This first team will be responsible for the first BIM project selected and for updating any office procedures, standard details and standard drawing templates. This team will be the first to receive formal BIM training and in… read more »