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    4.1 - Guide for Architects

    4.2 - Guide for CS Engineers

    4.3 - Guide for MEP Engineers

    5.0 - Procure

    5.1 - Guide for Contractors

    6.0 - Operate


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3.4 – BEP Introduction

Description The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a formal document that defines how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled with regard to BIM. A BEP is developed to provide a master information/data management plan and to assign of roles and responsibilities for model creation and data integration at project initiation. Requirements The BEP… read more »

2.2 – Information Exchange Process

The smoothness of information exchange process is essential to the overall success of  a projects. Many measures have been taken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the information exchange process in the construction industry, one of which is the introduction of industry specific applications. It has enhanced information management systems with great advantages in… read more »

3.8 – Design Team BEP Roles

The Design Team BIM Manager shall submit the BEP to the client for review and approval before the start of schematic design. Other than uses of BIM excluded by the Project BIM Brief, the Design BMP, at a minimum, shall address the following: Project scope The project procurement strategy (DBB, D&C, IPD) and how the… read more »

2.8 – Data Exchange

Managing Data Exchange Building Information Modelling offers the capability to develop project cost information with more accuracy throughout the entire building lifecycle. The key to successful use of BIM‐based costing will be the development of processes and methods within organizations. The level of detail required in a building model will vary depending on project phases,… read more »