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    4.1 - Guide for Architects

    4.2 - Guide for CS Engineers

    4.3 - Guide for MEP Engineers

    5.0 - Procure

    5.1 - Guide for Contractors

    6.0 - Operate


IFC for Estimators Archives - Navbim.com

5.2.5 BIM and 5D estimating

One of the most important features of estimating in  BIM is its capability to explain building data through a 3D visual model. This representation gives its users a clearer understanding of a building project and reduces the chances for missing or misrepresenting components. Traditional costing applications by their nature have been text‐oriented – listing, tabulating,… read more »

5.2.7 IFC for Estimators

The Industry Foundation Class (IFC) is a data model developed by the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI). It aims to provide a single, internationally accepted framework to facilitate information exchange among participants in the building process, throughout the entire lifecycle. The capabilities of building information models extend well beyond previous technologies of CAD and generic… read more »